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All prices listed below are in Thai Baht (THB) and reflect the cost per one-way journey.

ServicePick-up LocationDrop-off LocationToyota Camry (Sedan)Toyota Fortuner (SUV)Toyota Commuter (Van)
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportBangkok City9001,0001,200
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportDon Mueang International Airport9001,0001,300
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportPattaya1,6002,0002,400
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportChonburi1,3001,5002,000
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportLaem Chabang1,5001,8002,000
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportRayong2,1002,3002,800
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportBan Phe (Samet Island/Koh Samet)2,3002,5003,000
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportChanthaburi3,2003,4004,000
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportCha-am2,1002,3002,700
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportHua Hin2,1002,3002,800
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportPran Buri2,5003,0003,300
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportKoh Chang (Pier)3,5003,7004,500
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportKoh Chang (Cross Island)4,2004,5005,000
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportLaem Sok (Koh Kut Pier)3,5004,0004,500
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportLaem Ngop (Koh Mak)3,5004,0004,500
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportAyutthaya2,0002,3003,000
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportAranyaprathet (Poipet Border)3,0003,5004,000
Airport TransfersSuvarnabhumi AirportKorat3,0003,3004,000
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportBangkok City9001,0001,200
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportPattaya1,8002,2002,800
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportChanthaburi3,5003,8004,200
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportHua Hin2,0002,3003,000
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportKoh Chang (Pier)3,8004,2005,000
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportKoh Chang (Cross Island)4,5005,0005,500
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportRayong2,6003,0003,300
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportBan Phe (Samet Island/Koh Samet)2,8003,3003,600
Airport TransfersDon Mueang International AirportAranyaprathet (Poipet Border)4,0004,5005,500
Airport TransfersTrat AirportKoh Chang Island1,8002,1002,800
Airport TransfersTrat AirportLaem Sok (Koh Kut Pier)1,5001,8002,500
Airport TransfersTrat AirportLaem Ngop (Koh Mak)1,5001,8002,500
City TransfersBangkok CityPattaya1,5001,5002,500
City TransfersBangkok CityHua Hin2,0002,3003,000
City TransfersBangkok CityChanthaburi3,2003,8004,200
City TransfersBangkok CityKoh Chang (Pier)3,8004,2005,000
City TransfersBangkok CityKoh Chang (Cross Island)4,5005,0005,500
City TransfersBangkok CityRayong2,6003,0003,300
City TransfersBangkok CityBan Phe (Samet Island/Koh Samet)2,8003,3003,600
City TransfersBangkok CityAranyaprathet (Poipet Border)4,0004,5005,500
Car Hire & SightseeingBangkok CityBangkok (Temple or Shopping)2,8003,0003,500
Car Hire & SightseeingBangkok CityPattaya2,5003,0003,500
Car Hire & SightseeingBangkok CityHua Hin3,0003,5004,000
Car Hire & SightseeingBangkok CityFloating Market (Round Trip)2,0002,5003,000
Car Hire & SightseeingBangkok CitySafari World2,0002,3002,800

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    TaxiSabai's transparent pricing for my trip from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City was a breath of fresh air. I chose the Toyota Camry option and knew exactly what to pay, with no hidden fees!

    The upfront rate from Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya made planning so easy. I opted for the Toyota Fortuner and couldn't be happier. Knowing the cost upfront added a sense of calm to my travel.

    I loved how TaxiSabai provided clear prices for their sightseeing services. The Toyota Commuter was perfect for our group's Bangkok sightseeing trip, and the cost was exactly what we were quoted. No surprises!

    Taking a taxi from Trat Airport to Koh Chang Island usually seems complicated, but TaxiSabai’s transparent pricing simplified everything. The Toyota Camry was incredibly comfy, and the rate was unbeatable.

    Booking a taxi for a Pattaya sightseeing trip usually takes a lot of back and forth, but TaxiSabai's clear pricing eliminated all that hassle. I chose the Toyota Camry, and it was worth every baht!

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  • How is TaxiSabai's pricing structured for airport transfers?

    We believe in providing transparent pricing for every journey. You can check all our rates for various routes and car types on our Pricing Page.

  • Are there any hidden fees or charges?

    No, you’ll appreciate the transparency in our pricing. The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises.

  • Can I get a price quote for city transfers?

    Certainly! We offer city transfers like Bangkok to Pattaya, and the rates vary based on your vehicle preference. Get a quick quote on our City Transfers Page.

  • How does TaxiSabai's sightseeing pricing work?

    Whether you’re exploring Bangkok or Hua Hin, our sightseeing prices are clear and competitive. Find more rates on our Sightseeing Page.

  • What are the accepted modes of payment for TaxiSabai?

    For your convenience, we accept cash and bank wire transfers, ensuring a hassle-free payment process.

  • How competitive are TaxiSabai's rates compared to market prices?

    We pride ourselves on offering value-packed rates, ensuring that you receive top-notch service without straining your wallet. You can always compare and find the best fit for your journey on our Pricing Page.

  • Which services do you provide?

    From airport transfers to city rides and sightseeing, we cover a comprehensive range of travel needs to make your Thailand experience seamless. Choose what suits you best on our Services Page.

  • What types of vehicles do you offer?

    You can select from a variety of vehicles such as SUVs, Sedans, and Vans to cater to your specific travel requirements, be it comfort, luxury, or group travel. Check out your options on our Fleet Page.

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